What is your big Why?

What is your big why? what is a big why? The big why is a subject Gary Keller talks about in his books Millionaire Real Estate Investor and Millionaire Real Estate Agent. The big why is what drives you to reach your highest potential  and create wealth.

You may be working to pay off student loans, credit cards or buy a new car, but those are really short term goals and will benefit you but will not drive to the success you are capable of. A big why is a bigger goal, a goal that pushes you to become the best person you can be. A big why keeps you going past shorter term goals. Big success requires big goals, big models and a big why.

What if you could help a family member when they were sick pay their bills so they could keep going? Help the local homeless shelter provide meals and care for those in need? Help with civic projects in your area? Do kind things for others you care about? Create a after school program for kids, help rebuild local schools? Help your church get a new building?

Your big why keeps you going to your goals and makes you decide what is important to achieving your goals and what can be done without. Its like putting a picture of a Olympic Gold Medal winner on you mirror where you can see it every day so you can be reminded of why you are getting up early and working hard when everybody else is still asleep. All great achievements are the results of working hard and staying focused on your goals. The big why forces you to make choices that positively affect your long term goals.

What is your big why? what would you like to ultimately achieve in your life? are you satisfied with just getting by or do you have a bigger goal you want to achieve?

Once you decide what your big why is and what is important to you then you need to decide how you are going to get there. Investing in your future is the key to getting your big why. Going to college, investing in stocks and mutual funds, and investing in real estate are great ways to get your long term goals accomplished. Investing in real estate is a great vehicle because you can leverage your money to get more than with other vehicles.

If you have $10,000 dollars to invest you can put it as a down payment on a real estate property and get a property worth a $100,000, it is hard to do that with other investment vehicles. Real estate also provides tax benefits and can be tax differed.  More millionaires are created with real estate than any other investment vehicle. If you would like to learn more about investing in real estate keep reading our blog posts or contact us. We can help with all your real estate investing needs no matter what the size and remember, What is your big why?