Investor, FSBO or Realtor? Which one is for you?

Thinking of selling your home yourself or have a property you want to sell quickly? Homes for sell by owner’s or FSBO are commonly seen in seller’s markets or when someone wants to maximize their profits by not having to pay a real estate agent a commission. For Sale By Owner sounds like a really sweet deal, after all if you do the work you should get the money for it, Right? Are you really making more money though?
A lot depends on the condition of the property, are you currently living in it? Does it need repairs to bring it up to inspection standard? Did you inherit it? How quickly do you want to close? Would you like a quick sale with most of the work done for you?
If you want a to sell the property quickly, have most of the work done for you, not have to deal with contractors, inspections, showings, title companies selling to a real estate investor may be a great option, especially if the property has deferred maintenance.
Most real estate investors have relationships with title companies, contractors, inspectors and the other professionals that are needed to sell a property quickly. You may actually be money ahead to sell the property for less to a investor than try to rehab it yourself and then sell it. Plus real estate investors have a knowledge of the current prices in your area and what it will take to get the property in good condition.
If the property is in good condition and you decide to FSBO, there are a lot of challenges you will face. First marketing your property is not as easy as you think, most people turn to online to market their property but do not get the exposure that real estate agent or a investor can get, these professionals spend a great deal of time building their contact list so they can sell faster. Second, showings are a pain, dealing with appointments, meeting potential buyers, is very time consuming. Third, what title company are you going to use? Do you have the necessary legal forms or are you going to have to have a attorney draw them up at a considerable cost? How are you going to price the property? Do you have other properties that have sold in your area to compare them too? What about inspections/appraisals? Plus many more items.
A real estate agent can help with many of these items if your property is in good shape and ready to sell, they can promote the property through the multiple listing service, handle the appraisal/inspections, showings, paperwork and more. Often times they can get these services performed cheaper because of the volume they do actually helping to pay their commissions.
We can help in offering to buy your house fast, take care of all the closing, title work and get the most out of the property without you having to do all the repairs or offer the service of our agent to get the most out of your property if it is in good condition and ready to sell. Contact us today!

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